New medicine for cholesterol risk..!? No more heart attacks..?

The discovery of a new drug to control cholesterol gives great hope. There is hope that this drug can reduce the risk of a heart attack. Due to the modern lifestyle, the risk of most heart-related diseases has increased. At present, the risk of heart attack has developed at a young age. Over the past few months, heart attack cases have also been on the rise. In such a situation, scientists have said that the new drug can reduce the risk of a heart attack. This is some comforting information for people who were worried about a heart attack.
Nexletol is the name of the newly discovered drug in the study of scientists. However, Nexletol is not a statin. Statins are a group of chemicals used to lower cholesterol. It also has some side effects. But the new drug Nexletol is not a statin. That is why the new drug has no side effects. Nexletol reduces cardiovascular complications and the risk of cholesterol-related diseases, researchers say. According to the Global diabetes Study, people with high cholesterol were traditionally prescribed statins. However, due to the side effects of these drugs, millions of people are unable to take these drugs. Some people don't take them after knowing the side effects. Researchers say that Nexletol is chemically pemphigoid acid.Although it is not a statin, it works similarly to drugs containing statins. There is no doubt that statins are still the specialty drug for lowering cholesterol today, said lead researcher Dr. Steven Nissen. But the new drug has given hope to people who haven't taken the drug, even though it's more difficult to lower cholesterol with other drugs. This drug has the potential to have a very positive impact on public health. That means millions of people will benefit from this medicine. When the body has too much cholesterol i.e. LDL cholesterol, it sticks to the arteries and starts thinning the walls of the arteries. As a result, there is a problem in the blood flow to the heart, which increases the risk of heart attack and stroke. Statins like Crestor and Lipitor prevent the liver from producing too much LDL. It reduces the risk of developing heart-related diseases. But according to one study, 10 percent of high-cholesterol patients do not take statins. Some people take statins to cause muscle pain. Taking a new drug called Nexletol does not cause muscle pain and also prevents the liver from making bad cholesterol.

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