After working on "Size Zero," the actress experienced a severe reaction as a result of changing how she looked, and she was never able to regain her once-famous figure. And as a result, anushka shetty played a fat female in Baahubali and other movies that came after. She is fatter than ever just now. Her fans are absolutely shell-shocked and they wanted the vintage anushka who was fit and gorgeous and in fact, she has gone fatter now.

Anushka was recently photographed in karnataka during a maha Sivarathri celebration, where her "chubby" appearance have been the talk of the city. Everyone who saw her at the occasion reportedly expressed shock upon noticing that she had gained more weight since the time of Baahubali. anushka has stated that some health conditions are actually preventing her from losing weight.

Whatever the case may be, we have to admit that the Baahubali actress is absolutely stunning whether she is overweight or has an hourglass body. She is just too adorable, even in her overweight state, and given that the occasion was a spiritual one, she was exactly appropriate for it. The following film from anushka is a comedy directed by uv creations with naveen polishetty in the starring role.

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