Telugu public have a "family man" perception of veteran actor Venkatesh. He developed a sizable following base because to his family-friendly movies. Hence, once venky Mama's movie is released, people will want to see it together as a family. This time, he decided to venture a little outside of his comfort zone and try something new. As a result, he signed Rana Naidu and Rana Daggubati. The first episode of this action-thriller web series debuted on Netflix a few days ago.

Since the series involves adult language and substance, venky and Rana have pleaded with viewers to avoid watching it with families. After the show's premiere, the audience began to criticise both heroes, particularly venky, for picking such a topic. venkatesh has already admitted that he wants to try new things, which is why he chose Rana Naidu. Nonetheless, audiences have a preconceived notion of him and anticipate similar films from him. They may have found it difficult to see him in a series for this reason.

Perhaps his reputation as a "family guy" is to blame. Since that telugu public are not accustomed to seeing their favourite heroes in these kinds of productions, this may be the case even if other veteran actors like nagarjuna or balakrishna played this part. Let's watch how the audience reacts to venkatesh after this.

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