Minister mallareddy shockingly revealed yesterday that Pawan Kalyan's film's director Harish shankar had sought him to portray the villain. He claimed that he rejected the deal even after asking for an additional hour and a half. Normally, the minister wouldn't have any justification for lying about such things. However, there are rumours that pawan kalyan is dissatisfied with the circumstances.

According to rumors, Pawan was furious that he had approached a politician for a part without first telling him. This shouldn't be a major deal because the speaker is a politician. mallareddy, on the other hand, is a member of the vehemently anti-BJP BRS party, whilst Pawan is a supporter of the BJP. Furthermore, making an Andhra politician the hero and a telangana politician the villain could lead to unneeded issues.

It seems like Pawan is upset since Harish contacted mallareddy without thinking about the consequences. Sunil, a comedian, has been rumoured to be cast as the villain, and there are rumours that a look test has already been conducted. He even demonstrated that he could be a villain when dealing with Pushpa. Harish's sources dispute this, though. The female lead was first thought to be Malvika Mohanan, but pooja Hegde's name eventually took her place. How many more surprises will this movie have? We must wait and observe.

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