Former Royal Marine turned assassin Morgan Gaines (Golding) receives six fresh jobs. The hitch is that they all have the same contracts and he is one of the targets, making each target worth a million dollars. While seriously considering quitting his job to go with his love Sophie (Daniela Melchior), Morgan engages in a hazardous game. The plot alludes to the impossibly difficult task Viggo Tarasov set john Wick when he wanted to cease being an assassin, but Assassin Club is unable to even begin to grasp the potential of this story and suffers from the tremendous misfortune of being a depressing knockoff of a masterpiece.
The fundamental problem with Assassin Club is that, despite an intriguing concept, somewhat respectable results, and well-intentioned design decisions, the workmanship is subpar. The action is at most passable. The directing of Camille Delamarre occasionally lacks concentration and is reminiscent of action flicks from the mid-2000s with excessive shaky cam, uncomfortable close-ups and a bewildering number of cuts. Both creativity and visual appeal are absent. The film's lack of personality and sense of hurried production apply to the writing as well.
This kind of story prioritises execution above creativity. The film is technically terrible, and the issues with the storyline become blindingly obvious. The movie is unnecessarily convoluted, using a lengthy history to support an unnecessary assassin vs. assassin plot. Think john Wick and Scary movie together, and Assassin Club would have been a great parody. It all comes together in a disjointed, unoriginal, and bloated heap at the end.

The unfortunate circumstance is that Assassin Club follows closely after john Wick 4. Sadly, few have managed to match its complex world-building, vibrant characters, stunning graphics, or original and powerful action scenes. Fantastic idea behind Assassin Club. It's fantastic that assassins are unintentionally forced into a gladiator-style fight with the world serving as their arena. But whether a movie has a brilliant premise or not, how well it is executed ultimately determines how well it does. Assassin Club has the advantage of having a somewhat well-known actor in the lead role, but even Golding can't lift this film beyond its lacklustre quality. Within the first ten minutes, all potential for Assassin Club to be enjoyable is dashed.

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