Gautham, the son of Mahesh Babu, emerges as a serene and reserved young man. The vast majority of internet users got to this conclusion after seeing what glimpses Namratha gives of gautham on her instagram account. Cut to the present, where gautham has surprised Mahesh Babu's social media followers by exposing his other side. Before we get into the topic, a video of gautham that is purportedly brand-new has appeared on social media and is quickly gaining popularity.

Gautham can be seen in the video performing in a theatre performance. While doing so, he exudes comfort. Mahesh's admirers are currently responding to this video in a variety of unexpected ways. A few people express their excitement to see gautham perform on stage while a few others respond with "Varasudu ochesadu" (the scion has arrived).

Nearly everyone believes that Gautham, who presents as an introverted and shy man, is in no way related to conception, and his acting career seems to support this. Particularly Mahesh's followers have already remarked that gautham is already interested in acting and that it is past due for him to make his film debut. But it's too early to make any judgments on Gautham's goals. If he is interested, there is still a long way to go before he can begin performing professionally.

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