trivikram and mahesh babu are an ideal team for both fans and unbiased viewers of cult movies like athadu and Khaleja. They are currently filming their newest movie, SSMB28, and a photo of Mahesh wearing a checked shirt was stolen from the site yesterday. Such disclosures have previously become very popular on social media. Previously, SSMB28 set leaks included both pictures and videos. These leaks haven't gotten Mahesh fans too enthused, and they're blaming the production staff for their negligence.

It appears that the staff is not being stringent enough with the on-set guidelines, which is leading to leaks. Mahesh is ecstatic to be collaborating with trivikram once more. The movie is anticipated to be released in august 2023. Even his supporters are interested in how trivikram will portray Mahesh. While there isn't much information currently available about the plot or Mahesh's character, it is assumed that it would be a family-friendly comedic action film.

The movie received upscale offers before it even finished its initial run. According to rumours, Asian sunil Narang purchased the film's Nizam distribution rights for a staggering Rs 50 crore. According to insider accounts, sunil Narang and dil raju were vying for the rights before sunil finally sealed the deal by giving an upfront sum.

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