Avasarala srinivas, the writer-director, took a backseat because the show lacked momentum. Both writing and leadership are ineffective. The music of kalyani malik is a huge saving grace. Both Kanula Chatu Meghama and Neetho Ee Gadichina Kalam are well-shot in addition to being pleasant to listen to. A significant obstacle is a slow pace. Excellent production values. UK imagery is enticing.

Avasarala srinivas, the director, wished to create an independent film. Phalana Abbayi Phalana Ammayi has this as its beginning. But he went with an experienced cast and staff. PAPA's issue stems from the decision to make it an independent film in the first place. Also, the director kept experimenting with sync sound to make it appear extremely natural. The sense is that you're watching a documentary, though.

Prior to the release, srinivas said: "There is no sense of scriptedness in the movie. We didn't rely on comedy or written lines or anything similar. We wanted to study everyday human behavior. You'll understand after you watch the movie. Every movie story, in my opinion, has its own journey. Writing the written story oohalu gusagusalade was quite enjoyable for me. Writing PAPA was also quite enjoyable for me because I was attempting to investigate human behavior."

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