Because of his alleged relationship with sobhita dhulipala, naga chaitanya is presently making headlines. A photo of Chay and Sobhita from their london dinner date got viral on social media on Wednesday. The popular image, which chef Surender Mohan posted, has since been removed.

Chef Surender Mohan removed the dinner date photo of naga chaitanya and sobhita dhulipala from his instagram page after it went viral online. It was a straightforward photo of chef Surender standing alongside naga chaitanya while they were dining at Jamavar in London. But Sobhita, who is seated behind the table in the backdrop, caught everyone's eye. Due to dating rumors, the pair has been in the news since last year. Exclusively revealed by Pinkvilla in june of last year, they are in love and incredibly at ease around one another. They didn't explicitly confirm their relationship but instead provided much-needed fuel with their hints.

A photo of Chay and Sobhita claiming to be on vacation together in london got viral in november of last year as well. The photo was a collage, so it was clear whether they were truly together or not. Fans created a mosaic to show that they were together despite not posing together because the backgrounds were very similar in both. It appears that Chay and Sobhita were indeed on holiday when they were in London.

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