SS Rajamouli's Baahubali trilogy is well recognized for its grandeur and popularity, but few people are aware of the significant borrowing that took place to pay for the movie's development. One of the movie's leading men, Rana Daggubati, has disclosed that a startling Rs 400 crores in debt was taken out to create Baahubali. It's true what you just read!

At a recent event, Rana discussed the challenges that filmmakers encounter when trying to get money for their movies. When he spoke about how filmmakers pay incredibly high-interest rates when soliciting money for their films at a recent event, he stressed this point. Where did the money for the films come from three or four years ago? Their (the filmmaker's) home or other property was pledged to the bank and paid back with interest. We used to pay interest of between 24% and 28%. The borrowing in films is like that. A loan of Rs 300–400 crore at such rate for a movie like Baahubali," he told india Today.

Rana further disclosed that for more than five and a half years following the debut of Baahubali 1, the film's creators borrowed more than Rs 180 crore at 24% interest. "Part 1 was difficult. We spent twice as much money on Telugu's biggest-grossing movie. Therefore, no maths has ever justified what we borrowed or how we created it. Over 5.5 years, 180 crores and more were borrowed at a rate of 24%. In the event that this movie didn't succeed, we didn't know what would happen because we also shot a small portion of Baahubali 2," he continued.

The admissions made by rana daggubati highlighted the tremendous financial difficulties that producers must overcome, even for blockbuster films like Baahubali. It serves as a reminder of the dangers and costs involved in creating such ambitious and gorgeous films.

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