In the 2000s, sunil was regarded as a comedy superstar. With his humorous performance, he helped make several films, like Sontham, Nuvvu Naaku Nachchav, Manasantha Nuvve, Manmadhudu, dubai Seenu, and many more, unforgettable. The bug to be a hero then bit him, as it does with many comedians. Even though he originally had some success with Andala Ramudu, Maryada Ramanna, and Poola Rangadu, he eventually burned out. After that, it became challenging for him to even land excellent comedy parts.

Sunil, though, is gradually making another attempt to make himself known. He has recently been spotted acting in a number of low-budget films, where he is being paid between 3-5 lakhs every day of filming. According to insider accounts, he consents to appear in any movie that pays him a salary and grants the filmmakers permission to use his picture on posters and other promotional materials.

However, he has said categorically that he would not take part in any form of advertising for such projects. While playing little parts in unimportant films may be a quick and easy way for sunil to get some quick cash, this method will not advance his career in the long run. He was most recently spotted in Bellamkonda Ganesh's movie Nenu Student Sir. Surprisingly, he received more applause in the theatres than the hero. It appears that there is still some interest in Sunil, and tollywood producers need to notice his potential and offer him parts that are appropriate for his skills and timing.

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