Neha Shetty, a striking kannada beauty, embarked on her cinematic journey with the kannada film 'Mungaru Male 2.' However, despite the film's name, it failed to open doors to new opportunities. After this initial stint, Neha tried her luck in the telugu film industry with 'Mehbooba' in 2018. Yet, her situation remained largely unchanged, with no substantial offers coming her way for three long years.
While her journey to stardom has been remarkable, it hasn't been without its share of challenges and conflicts.

In particular, the filming of the 'Sammohanuda' song in the upcomingKiran Abbavaram starrer 'Rules Ranjan' proved to be a significant hurdle. director Ratnam krishna shed light on the tumultuous incident during a recent interview.
According to Krishna, during the shoot of the song, neha shetty and he had a heated disagreement. The scene involved Neha entering a swimming pool with a bone-chilling water temperature of 5 degrees Celsius. krishna had prepared everything meticulously, but Neha was reluctant to perform the scene, insisting that he should do it himself. Tensions escalated, and krishna contemplated cancelling the shot.
However, Neha, determined to deliver her best, eventually entered the freezing water. After spending an extended period submerged in the pool, she sustained a minor knee injury due to the chlorine water. Frustrated and in pain, Neha decided to exit the water prematurely, leading to an intense argument between her and the director.

Their disagreement was so intense that they did not speak to each other for three months. But fate had other plans. When krishna reviewed the footage during the film's editing, he was deeply moved. He realized that Neha's commitment and dedication to the scene had produced remarkable results. He reached out to her, expressing his admiration for her performance, and Neha, touched by his words, was equally emotional.

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