The incident took place in Mandya where farmers' organizations expressed their anger against actor Darshan for making irresponsible statements during the ongoing Cauvery protest. The ongoing struggle in front of Visvesvaraya statue of Mandya. Actor Darshan, who had come to support the struggle, stumbled while giving a speech at the place where the protest was taking place. Actors now talk about Nenapadra. Farmers are outraged by this statement. We have been fighting for months. If you call that actors get strength to fight, will you make a statement of irresponsibility? We have invited you as we need your support for the struggle. But we should not just talk about the fighters as they belong to the district where Cauvery does not flow. He should have joined the fight as a responsible actor, but there is outrage that he is insulting the farmers. The farmers have demanded an apology for speaking against the farmers union. Darshan supported the ongoing struggle for Cauvery water and supported the protest. Darshan made a small mistake while speaking during the protest. Talking about the Cauvery struggle would have ended. But the controversy was ignited by Darshan's remark that he was spreading slander about kannada film actors. After all, what did Darshan talk about?

See how Darshan is struggling to talk directly. Let's talk about Modlu Controversy, Darshan started the conversation with Chinna. The fighters say that kannada film actors are not coming to fight today. They are being trolled on social media, but they have benefited from watching tamil movies earlier. Kannadigas do not watch kannada movies. kannada movies have not won. But they troll the actors saying that they didn't get it. A person bought a previously released tamil movie for 6 crores and made a profit of 36 crores in Karnataka. So that movie here in tamil is Nodhidra Swamy? kannada people have seen it. Darshan has questioned why Swami has ignored kannada films and watched more tamil films.


If you watch kannada movies as Kannadigas, you stand with kannada actors in such difficult times. 36 crore profit for tamil cinema but now they are talking about Cauvery? Did a tweet? Now they are trolling that Shivanna didn't come to Kaveri, Darshan didn't come, yash didn't come. But will we see now? Darshan is seriously questioned. Kannadigas should watch kannada movies and kannada movies should win at such a time, actor Darshan said in Bartare Swami. Now the incident of shouting slogans against Darshan has caused controversy.

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