On the 100th birth anniversary of dev anand, actress hema malini remembered the late actor. hema said that his legacy lives on even today. Even today some words of Dev Sahab are echoing in hema Malini's ears. Hema, keep working, there is nothing else in life. Dev Anand's line is taken as a motto. On the 100th anniversary of the legendary actor, hema says that no one can take the place of dev anand or his legacy. hema malini said that “I have many sweet memories associated with him. He was one of my favorite actors. Mujhe kabhi koi dikkat nahi hui with them.' He used to be very cool and comfortable on set. Every scene was done without any tension. Some actors create a kind of tension while working. But that was not the case with Dev Sahab. hema malini further said, “He was a very loving person who never interfered in anyone's other affairs.' It was johnny Mera Naam (1970) with dev anand that made Malini a big star. Both of them worked together in many films like Sharif Badmaash (1973), Josheela (1973), Chupa Rustam (1973) and Ameer Gharib (1974). hema malini said that he was always anxious to work, "walking around the sets with a stick in his hand. He spent the whole day planning with the film crew.

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