The biggest bombshell megastar chiranjeevi has ever delivered to his fans was "Bholaa Shankar," Meher Ramesh's Vedhalam adaptation, and they are still reeling from it. Sadly, not many people saw the movie when it debuted on Netflix last Friday, and it hasn't even cracked the Top 10 lists of the OTT giant although Gopichand's Rama Banam made a strong showing there.
The real reason is everyone wanted to see to troll the movie on social media and shame Chiranjeevi. Mega fans appear to have taken things seriously ever since the movie Bholaa shankar was made fun of on social media for not making the Top 10. Not only have they advised everyone else to watch the movie on Netflix, but they have themselves begun to do so. Additionally, Bholaa Shankar, a megastar, is now surging in both the Top 1 and Top 2 spots. Why, you ask?

Even the hindi public became interested in the telugu version of Bholaa shankar and began to watch the film. As a result, the telugu version of Bholaa shankar is now trending at No. 1, while the hindi version is trending at No. 2. It appears that Mega fans are on fire and that their efforts have paid off, as the movie is currently trending on Netflix.

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