Katrina Kaif is one of the most celebrated actresses in bollywood today. Her fans love her not only for her stellar performances on screen but also for the kind-hearted person that she is in real life. Even in bollywood, many celebrities have spoken highly of katrina and expressed their fondness for her. An old video is now going viral on Reddit in which katrina addressed her equation with kareena kapoor Khan.

In the video, the journalist tells katrina, “Kareena was saying ‘I don’t have too many friends in the industry, you cannot be friends with too many actresses.’ But she said ‘Katrina yes, I like her, she’s honest. I meet her, it’s a small world we’re going to meet at parties. But I really like her and do call her friend.’ That’s something she doesn’t compliment everybody about. She says amrita is my friend, that’s it. But you guys have become very thick.”

To this, katrina said, “Whenever I meet her, there’s a great sense of warmth. I’m a very sensitive person, I can always feel that and I can feel if a person is being fake or not. With Kareena, before we even used to interact much, she would always pass on advice to me through a mutual friend of ours that tell katrina to be careful or this, tell her to do this, tell her not to do this; and really good advice, which she didn’t have to give me. She could’ve seen me doing some wrong and let me dig my own hole. It was really sweet of her to pass on these messages, so by the time I met her there was already a mutual respect I had for her.” Meanwhile, on the work front, katrina is currently seen in tiger 3.

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