'Karakatakkaran' actress Kanaka has been paralyzed inside her house for many years, actress Kutty padmini has met and talked to her. This photo is now going viral. Kanaka, a daughter of legendary actress Devika, famous for acting opposite actors like mgr and Sivaji, wanted to enter the film industry with the dream of becoming a singer. But her beauty made her a film actress. In 1989, Kanaka was cast as the female lead in Karakatakkaran, directed by Gangaiyamaran, brother of music composer Ilayaraja. The film was a huge success. So far she has acted as a heroine in more than 40 subjects in tamil and was a leading actress in malayalam film industry as well. Especially Kanaka acted in 'Godfather' which ran for 434 days in Malayalam. Actress Kanaka's last film in tamil was in the year 1999 with the film Viriluk Etha Bhumlam. The actor acted opposite vivek in this film. He also acted in a malayalam movie called 'Ee Mazha Then Mazha' released in 2000. After that, he did not act in any films and stayed indoors.


Many reasons have been given as the reason for his complete withdrawal from the film industry, failure in love, and suffering from depression. Kanaka also had a property dispute with his father. Due to this, he has been living in a dilapidated house for many years without proper maintenance. He is said to have only one assistant. Apart from that he was also told to do all the work for himself. Even the neighbors can see him only occasionally. It is also said that these celebrities have not visited him for many years. In this case, after many years, famous actress Kutty padmini has visited actress Kanaka at her house. He also published a photo taken at that time. In this photo, Kanaka looks unrecognizably fat. This photo is now going viral.

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