At a time when many people are expressing their concern against Gnanavel Raja, who has piled up many crimes that Aamir cheated his money in the film Baruthi Veeran, director Karu Palaniappan has issued a statement and supported Aamir.

Aamir bought the film Parutthi Veeran, which had to be abandoned in the middle, with a loan from a tree. But claiming to be the producer of the film, Gnanavel raja had criticized Aamir with very bad words, calling him a thief and saying that he had cheated Aamir of 2 crore rupees, not just profiting from the film. Although this problem has been going on for about 17 years, many directors and actors have been telling the truth about the film about the hardships Aamir faced for this film.

In that regard, the statement released by director Karu Palaniappan has received attention. In this statement, he said, hello to the media. "After Mr. Gnanavel talked about Baruthiveeran film and Aamir, one by one sasikumar producer Ganeshraku samuthirakani ponvannan Sudha Kongura who is associated with that film are coming to Aamir's side.. Some days others will also stand by Aamir... stop. This report is not about Baruthiveeran film. False accusation by Gnanavel. About.!

About Gnanavel's perverted body language in ponvannan language. How can someone tell so many lies? They call Ameer a thief and a false accountant, I say. I am saying that I saw Aamir from the sidelines who worked as the secretary of the tamil Film Directors Association for six years, as the president of the South indian Film Federation and as the head of the wage committee formed to bring harmony between the production workers.

In all these years, Amir has not had a single meal with the money of these societies. Jananathan and I, who were present on that day, are witnesses. Even if you ask former union executives today, they will say the same thing. There may be a hundred contradictions in the production of Parutiveeran, but character assassination of a director in public by calling him a thief, a know-nothing, and a professional in my castle is unconscionable. In Gnanavel's Ellal Ekattala Thimir interview, karthi and I have done a lot of films after Paruddhi Veeran and we have crossed 25 films but Aamir says that a horse that does not run is a loser. Aamir may have lost money to you but what you say is your film Paruddhi Veerana Kalam and the co-workers and fans say that Aamir's Paruddhi Veeran Aamir's Paruddhiveeran means he is winning. Gnanavel and his associates are trying to reach the height of Baruthiveeran film with each film till date. That's how time counts.

Where did Gnanavel get the courage to speak like this? samuthirakani had asked. As soon as this question arose, the shadow of doubt could not be avoided that Mr. Sivakumar and his children were behind Gnanavel. Mr. Sivakumar, who studied a hundred Kurlas. What did Mr. Sivakumar and his relatives give back to the director Aamir who gave his son a world-class blockbuster film and set up a Rajapath in the film world? 18 years of mental anguish and theft?

He will also be reading the script "Selvam Theikum Pada". Knowing that Valluvar's vote will not lie, he should ask Gnanavela to apologize to director Aamir in public. I hope Mr. Sivakumar will say it!

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