Salman Khan’s niece Alizeh Agnihotri’s debut film Farrey was released recently. Alizeh’s film is facing tough

competition from his uncle salman Khan’s tiger 3 since the first day of its release. The opening of Farrey was

very slow and even after this there was no jump in the earnings of the film. Let us know here how much

collection has Farrey made on the 5th day of its release?

How much did Farrey earn on the 5th day of its release?

Salman Khan’s niece Alizeh’s debut film Farrey revolves around the high-tech method of cheating in exams.

This film also gives a message. Alizeh’s acting in Farrey is also excellent. Despite this, this film has completely

failed to attract the audience to the theatres. The film was rejected by the audience on the first day and since

then Farrey is struggling to earn money at the box office. Talking about the collection of Farrey so far, it earned

Rs 50 lakh on the first day, collected Rs 78 lakh on the second day, did a business of Rs 93 lakh on the third day

and on the fourth day the film’s earning was only Rs 38 lakh. Now the initial figures of the film’s earnings have

arrived on the 5th day of its release i.e. Tuesday. According to Sacknilk’s early trend report, Farrey has been

able to collect only Rs 34 lakh on the 5th day of its release. With this, the collection of 5 days of Farrey has

now become Rs 2.93 crore.

The game of Farrey is over at the box office

Salman Khan’s niece Alizeh Agnihotri’s film has been struggling hard to earn at the box office since the first

day of its release, but the film’s earnings are declining every day. It has been 5 days since Farrey was released

and it has not been able to collect even Rs 3 crore. Considering the pace of the film’s earnings, its game at the

box office now seems to be over. With this, salman Khan’s niece’s film has been included in the list of big flop

films of the year 2023.

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