Bushra Ansari got married for the second time!!!

Rumors of Pakistan's famous actress Bushra Ansari getting married for the second time at the age of 66 have been spreading for a long time. The actress did not react to these rumors for a long time. Bushra has now confirmed her second marriage for the first time through one of her vlogs. The actress has also introduced her husband Iqbal Hussain to the fans. During this, the couple also answered all the questions of the fans.

Bushra Ansari confirms her second marriage

Bushra Ansari's second husband Iqbal Hussain is a famous film director of Pakistan. The actress confirmed her marriage in a video posted on her YouTube channel. The veteran actress's husband Iqbal Hussain shared that while working on a play, their bonding had become stronger and he proposed Bushra.   However, considering her long marriage of thirty years and her independent life after divorce, it took a lot of time for the actress to accept the proposal.

It is not considered right to marry an older woman.

On marrying an older woman, Bushra's husband said that in their society there is a lot of talk about marrying an older woman. Especially in our country, if a woman is older even by a few hours, a lot of noise is created. After this, Iqbal Hussain said that the age difference between Bushra and him is only a few hours. Hearing this, the actress said I don't think even for a few hours because you are more mature and there is a pause inside you.

It took a lot of time to get ready for the wedding

Bushra further revealed, "I didn't even disclose my divorce for some time, so naturally, no one approached me for marriage again." Bushra said that for the first one and a half years I had to convince myself because I had been living alone for a long time and I had no intention of getting married. When someone comes out of a marriage after spending 35-36 years, he has no intention of trying another one. I was happy in my life. I had a lot of work too. I was financially stable, my children were settled. I was not dependent on anyone even in my first marriage and am not even today.

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