Though ace director Sukumar failed to mention heroine Anuradha Mehta in his 20-minute statement at '20 Years of Arya', star allu arjun praised her for being a part of the film. At the same time, bunny remarked, "I've never met Anu after Arya, but I hope she's doing great," which came as a surprise to all of the 'Geetha' fans.

Arya and geetha are two fascinating characters, and despite her acting inconsistencies, kannada beauty Anuradha Mehta received accolades. She then starred in a few telugu films, spiced up with a touch of glamour, and acted in a handful of kannada films before disappearing from the scene for good. Many times, a few heroines shine in one or two films before leaving the profession for good. Similarly, it appears that Anu traveled the same approach.

Girija Shettar from Geethanjali, anshu Ambani from Manmadhudu, deeksha seth from Mirapakaya, and richa gangopadhyay from leader are a few examples, but the majority of them either gave interviews later on, are attempting a comeback, or are on social media claiming that they have quit films for good. But what happened to Anu Mehta is the million-rupee issue. I hope she makes touch with Arya's admirers!

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