Premji wanted to marry a 45-year-old actress!

After ganga Amaran said OK,the celebrity who disbanded!

Actor Premji was in love with a famous actress and wanted to get married... a journalist shared the information that it was the famous actor who broke the conversation by saying something.

Premji has given a pleasant surprise to those who have been asking when he will get married. Known as an actor and music composer, Premji has been embroiled in a few love controversies. Also a man who is always party, pub, fun. It can be said that his specialty is to speak without any hint of what is in his mind.

His father gangai amaran also raised his children by giving them more freedom beyond a certain age. And he is not always one to stand in the way of his children's wishes. In other words, gangai amaran is the exact opposite of Ilayaraja.

Even the smallest things that his children do, he pats their skin and has been the main reason for their success. While Premji's non-marriage has been the biggest motivation for ganga Amaran... Recently, Premji fell in love with Indu, a bank employee from Salem. The whole family is very happy with this marriage.

In this situation, journalist Parameswaran has created a sensation by telling the information about Premji's ex-girlfriend. Premji was in love with Sona, who is known as an actress and producer, and after Sona accepted Premji's love... Premji's father gangai amaran has agreed to this.

This love which was going to go till marriage.. The reason why it could not end in marriage is actor Siva Thanam. Both of them have come to the conclusion that they should not get married because he said something about why marriage is red. While both of them have been in the same mindset for many years... Premji has changed his mind because of Indu's love and got married. It is noteworthy that Sona is still unmarried.

Sona made her debut with the movie 'Poovellam Un Vasam'. After this, he acted in many films including Shahjahan in Tamil. He has acted not only in tamil but also in languages like Telugu, Malayalam, kannada etc. Currently, he is acting in a film called Boomer Uncle. It is noteworthy that Sona has produced a film called kanimozhi in which jai played the hero.

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