Shock: sri reddy gave clarity on marriage with siddhartha Reddy..!

The fact that actress sri reddy, who previously acted as a heroine in two or three films, is going to marry ycp leader Byreddy siddhartha has been going viral for the last two days. However, sri reddy recently responded to this matter and revealed many interesting things.

Actress sri reddy is also known as the actress who first boldly said that there is a casting couch in the industry. As a result, not only did she not get film offers, but many producers' sons also accused women of sexually using them, and Sri Reddy's name became a sensation at that time. Especially the mega family is played excessively. She is constantly fearlessly saying something on social media. Recently, after the news of ycp youth leader Byreddy's marriage to siddhartha Reddy was heard on social media, sri reddy also put a pull stop on this campaign.

Mr. reddy said that in the past, Byreddy siddhartha Reddy was very fond of him. But she never said that she would marry her.. All this is just a fake campaign. She said that she was never in a relationship with that boy. In the past, Byreddy would be good and it would be good if such a man became a lover. It doesn't matter if only those who don't know about them are spreading such rumors, but don't destroy Byreddy's good life. In this regard, the video is becoming viral.

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