A 23-year-old indian woman was killed on monday night after colliding with a Seattle police vehicle, according to the Seattle police Department. Jaahnavi Kandula, a young woman, was hit by a police vehicle that was responding to an emergency call made by the Seattle fire Department. According to the Seattle Times report, Jaahnavi died as a result of several blunt force trauma, according to the king County Medical Examiner's office.

According to a media release from the Seattle police Department, the police officer had been on the force since november 2019. At this point, there is no evidence to suspect the woman was intentionally hit. Emergency services were immediately summoned, and the fire Department attempted to save lives by performing life-saving measures. However, the effort was unsuccessful since Jaahnavi died as a result of her injuries. The report from Seattle Times noted that an inquiry is being conducted to ascertain the accident's exact nature.

In a car accident on tuesday in Seattle, Washington, a 23-year-old telugu woman died. According to local sources, she was crossing the road when the event occurred. Janhvi Kandula was killed after being hit by a Seattle police Officer driving a clearly marked police SUV, according to the Seattle Police. The woman was admitted to Harborview Medical Center, according to the police, but on tuesday she passed away from her injuries.

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