5 friends of Amritpal are subject to NSA action...

On Monday, Punjab's Inspector General of police (IGP) Sukhchain Singh Gill stated that the police have a strong suspicion that Pakistan's espionage agency Inter-Services Intelligence may have been involved in the massive search operation to find Khalistani leader Amritpal Singh. The search operation is currently in its third day.


A law known as the National Security Act of 1980 (NSA) makes it possible to detain an individual if they pose a threat. An individual may be detained right away if the government believes he poses a threat to the nation. The federal and state governments have the authority to detain any suspected citizen under this law.

When was this law made?

This law was made on 23 september 1980 during the government of Indira Gandhi. NSA is related to giving more power to the government to provide security for the country. 

Provisions of NSA

Under the National Security Act, a suspect can be kept in custody without bail for three months. Its duration can also be extended. Under this, the police do not even need to frame any charges in court to keep them in custody. The period of detention can be extended up to a maximum of 12 months. The person detained can appeal before the advisory in the high court and the state government has to inform that this person has been kept in custody.

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