A horrible train catastrophe involving the Bengaluru-Howrah express, chennai Coromandal express, and a cargo train in odisha is reportedly responsible for close to 300 fatalities. The fatality toll from the disaster is currently at least 280, and it has been rising since last night. According to reports, the railway tragedy harmed about 176 individuals from Andhra Pradesh. The precise number of telugu fatalities may soon be known. In India, tragic railway accidents have occurred previously. Here are the previous five railway accidents that resulted in the greatest fatalities.

In june 1981, a typhoon caused 7 carriages of a crowded train to fall into a river, killing 800 people.

August 1995: In this terrible disaster, which took place 200 miles from Delhi, more than 350 people perished.

August 1999: Two trains carrying 2500 passengers crashed at the outlying station of Gaisal, West Bengal, killing at least 285 persons, according to official reports.

A railway disaster is said to have claimed the lives of 77 persons in Velugonda, Andhra Pradesh, in october 2005.

In July 2011, a tragic railway disaster in Fatehpur claimed the lives of between 70 and 300 persons and it was dreadful.

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