Sarugala, a 22-year-old engineering graduate, has been elected panchayat President of Venkatampatti, Kadayam Union, tenkasi District. She is a first-year postgraduate engineering student at Coimbatore's Hindustan Institute of technology College. "My dad ravi Subramaniam is a farmer, and my mother Shanthi works as a schoolteacher at Poolankulam government High school," Sarugala added.

Alakusandru is the name of my brother. Our town experienced a terrible drought a few years ago. My father then used his own money to give drinking water to the villagers by truck. women are only allowed to hold the position of panchayat chief in Venkatampatti. My father inquired whether I was running for office because the panchayat leader could provide better service to the people through the government.

I agreed to compete because it piqued my attention. people who wanted change voted for me, giving me an extra 796 votes. I will take steps to ensure that all of the residences in the panchayat have access to drinking water. All of your basic requirements will be met by me. I will go to any length to assist young people who are interested in school and sports in achieving their goals. My goal is to make Venkatampatti India's best panchayat. I'm going to work for the people while continuing my postgraduate engineering studies."

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