The water level in the deep wells providing potable water to Chennai's suburbs has risen as a result of the flooding in Kanchipuram.
Floods in the lake have been triggered by heavy rains in portions of Andhra Pradesh, particularly in the Vellore and tirupati districts. Small dams in the vicinity are currently overflowing, drowning the lake in the kanchipuram district.

The water, on the other hand, did not cross the riverbed. Only two of the lake's shores have been inundated as a result of water released from a dam near Walaja. As a result, the lakes of villages along the river's banks, such as Mamandur, Dusty, and Govindavadi Agaram in the Thiruvannamalai district, have been submerged.

The remaining water is absorbed by the nursery milk. As a result, only 30 villages on both sides of the coast, including Vishar, Muthuvedu, Thirumukkudal, Valathottam, Kuruvimalai, and Walajabad, have received flood warnings. Furthermore, the water flowing through the lake floods the canals connecting to the lakes in the coastal settlements, causing the lakes to swiftly fill up. Furthermore, authorities in the Palaru sub-basin are optimistic that the coastal waters would fill up since the water recedes only after a lengthy day, and the groundwater level in the surrounding communities will likely rise.

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