According to Forest minister A indrakaran reddy, telangana is a national leader in the efficient utilization of Compensatory Afforestation Fund Management and Planning Authority (CAMPA) funding and the implementation of afforestation methods. In most cases, considerable afforestation work is done to make up for the loss of forest areas when they are redirected for development projects like building roads, dams, etc.
Telangana had created 135 new forest blocks and almost 14,000 acres of new wood as a result of this program. According to the Forest minister, the State government had also declared these properties to be forest lands, which was a first in its own right. On Saturday, the minister met with department representatives to examine a number of concerns. indrakaran reddy stated during the conference that "more ecotourism projects should be developed at all feasible locations."

The minister stated that further sterilization centers like the one created at nirmal will be set up in stages across the State in consideration of the growing monkey threat and the inconveniences experienced by people, particularly crop loss incurred by farmers. He requested that Principal Chief Conservator of Forests RM Dobriyal create the necessary recommendations and submit them as soon as possible in order to achieve this.

The minister also asked about the establishment of tiger corridors on the River Godavari watershed regions and the status of relocating communities from the Kawal tiger Reserve. The officers were given clear orders to take harsh action to stop poaching and other offenses, particularly the invasion of forest areas. The minister advised working with the police department where necessary and filing proceedings under the PD Act.

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