Customer profiling and sophisticated monitoring are assisting Customs Department authorities in apprehending persons making covert attempts to transport gold out of other nations. At the RGI airport Shamshabad, customs agents have confiscated about 10 kg of gold over the past two weeks.
It was discovered that these travellers were using creative concealment techniques to sneak in gold. Before seizing the gold, the customs agents found and retrieved it from sanitary pads, emergency lights, carrying it in shoes, glueing it around the waist, and emergency lights. "A typical tactic is to roll the gold paste into tiny balls and bury them in the rectum. A customs official stated that the balls are later evacuated and sent by the smuggler to the person designated to receive them someplace outside the airport.

Before focusing on him, the officials analyze the passenger profile. "There are records of a certain passenger's trips to a specific nation. Whenever a traveler comes, we verify his credentials, the number of times he has visited a given nation, and other information based on the profile. Sometimes, one of our officers may fly to that nation with the passenger and remain on the jet's flight deck the entire time, the official added.

The authorities have recently discovered that smugglers' syndicates are enticing novices to carry gold in return for airline tickets and other perks. Different methods are being used, including utilizing sanitary pads, applying paste to the waist or legs, and hiding under shoes. Despite their attempts to dupe us, we always search a person and their possessions when we have a strong suspicion about them, he stated.

The Customs Department has received a warning from the intelligence services on the prospect that some groups may be importing gold to earn money for illegal activities in the nation. As a result, the Customs Department's air Intelligence Unit expanded its monitoring of the movement of foreign exchange from india to other nations, which is how the syndicates buy gold in Africa or the gulf and import it into the nation.

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