The special session of parliament started on monday (18 September). Before the beginning of the session,

Prime minister Narendra Modi addressed the media and after that gave a speech in the Old Parliament.

During the special session of parliament, congress President mallikarjun Kharge targeted the central

government. He said that the government uses ED and cbi to weaken the strong opposition.

He said that if bjp wants to include any leader in the party, then it is cleaned by putting it in the washing

machine and keeps it permanently. The congress leader said that the prime minister sometimes comes to

Parliament and leaves after organizing an event.

Why doesnt PM go to Manipur- mallikarjun Kharge

Kharge said, “Manipur is burning. Riots are happening there since May 3. There too people are being killed,

houses are being burnt. Even today one person died. There should be a discussion about this and the PM

should give a statement on this. He asked that he (PM Modi) goes to every corner of the country, but why

does not he go to Manipur?

PM Modi spoke only twice in 9 years

He told the house that former prime minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee gave statements a total of 21 times during

his tenure. At the same time, manmohan singh gave statements 30 times, but leaving aside the customary

statement of the current prime minister, he has spoken only twice in 9 years.

The Constitution gave the right to vote

The congress leader said, The Constitution that the Constitution makers have given us has united us even

today. This Constitution has created a strong framework for the nation. The indian Constitution is our biggest

guide. On the basis of this, our Great leaders gave us the right to vote. This means that whether rich or poor,

every citizen of the country will have the right to one vote and every vote will have equal importance.

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