Sukhdul Singh alias Sukkha Dunike of Davinder Bambiha gang of Moga district in canada was murdered on

Wednesday (20 September) night. According to india Today report, after this murder, lawrence Bishnoi gang

has taken responsibility for the murder of terrorist Sukhdul Singh alias Sukha Dunike.

Goldie Brar is also included in lawrence Bishnoi’s gang, who has taken responsibility for the murder of

Sukhdul Singh alias Sukha Dunike. Let us tell you that Sukhdul Singh alias Sukha Dunike was associated

with the Bambiha gang, who died last night i.e. on 20th September. The attackers had fired 15 bullets at


facebook post of lawrence Bishnoi gang

Giving information about Dunike’s death through a facebook post, lawrence Bishnoi gang wrote that

Sukhdul Singh had played a major role in the murders of gangsters Gurlal Brar and Vicky Middkhera. Dunike

had made the plan to kill Gurlal Brar and Vicky Middkhera while he was abroad. lawrence Bishnoi gang

considers Sukhdul Singh to be a drug addict. He told that Sukhdul Singh had ruined the lives of many people

and he has been punished for his sins.

The gang claimed that Davinder Bambiha’s member Sukhdul Singh was also responsible for killing another

gangster sandeep Nangal Ambiya. lawrence Bishnoi gang issued a stern warning to its enemies saying that

they will not be able to live in peace, whether they are hiding in india or any other country.

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