Nani questioned the former minister on balakrishna sitting on Chandrababu's chair in the assembly. When chandrababu naidu went to jail, former minister perni nani asked what is the sign of balakrishna sitting in his seat. There was a short debate in the ap assembly on friday on the ap Skill Development case. If Chandrababu does not come to the assembly, no one will sit in his seat. He said that if cm Jagan does not come to the assembly, no one will sit in his seat. But when Chandrababu went to jail, balakrishna was sitting in Babu's seat in the assembly. In the ap assembly today, Chandrababu stood on the chair and mentioned balakrishna blowing the whistle by name. balakrishna says that two lakh people have been trained through the skill development scheme. perni nani advised balakrishna to know the facts rather than reading what someone has written.

AP CID officials arrested Chandrababu on 9th of this month in ap Skill Development case. tdp members are protesting in the ap assembly to protest Chandrababu's arrest. tdp members continued their agitation in ap assembly yesterday and today as well. tdp members insisted on discussing the illegal arrest of Chandrababu. With this demand, tdp members started agitation in the house today. In this order, tdp members protested by blowing whistles. balakrishna stood at the speaker's podium and whistled and protested. At this time, marshals stood as a barrier between YSRCP members and tdp members. ap assembly Speaker tammineni sitaram adjourned the assembly twice due to the chaos in the assembly following the agitations of the tdp members. On the other hand, Speaker tammineni sitaram announced that the three tdp MLAs who protested by blowing whistles in the assembly will be suspended from the assembly for one day today. On the other hand, ap assembly Speaker suspended Achchennaidu and Bendalam ashok for the entire session for shooting a video in the assembly.

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