As per report ‘I have not mentioned anything false about Perarirjanar Anna. bjp State President annamalai commented that everything I have said is true so I cannot apologize. At the coimbatore Airport, bjp State President annamalai met the media and said that in the past, india alliance leaders had opposed the provision of 33 percent seat reservation. After a long time this law has been passed. This reservation will come into effect in the next election after the end of Sensex. bjp is giving 33 percent reservation within the party. bjp sees this as women's right. We heartily welcome this. Very soon more than 33 percent women will go to legislature, parliament. All the parties unanimously welcomed it. Twice before we have raised the seats of MPs of Parliament. There is no conspiracy in this as stalin says. How can cm use the word conspiracy? He questioned.

As Sellur Raju says, how can I declare Modi in the center and Edappadi in the state? I will speak if my personality is coded as a question. That is my right. I will not give up my dignity and do politics. I have no problem with anyone. I cannot answer the question asked by AIADMK leaders. Grammar to eliminate alcohol in tamil Nadu, Anna, who opposed family politics, Anna, I am not criticizing Anna. This party is not competing with any party. The goal is to form a bjp government in tamil Nadu. I will grow my party. DMK poison I absolutely hate DMK.

I cannot apologize for what I said about Anna. I am only talking about what is in history about Anna. And if Modi is accepted, there will be an alliance. Sanatana is our lifeline. Sanatanam is the philosophy of life, Sanatana dharma is accepted by all.

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