A number of bridges are planned to cross the musi river as part of the State government's initiative to upgrade Hyderabad's infrastructure in order to increase connection between the city's southern regions and the rest of the city and alleviate long-standing transportation problems. Five bridges spanning the musi river are going to be built at a cost of Rs.168 crore as part of a number of efforts, including projects like the Strategic Road Development Project (SRDP), slip roads, and link roads, which rebuilt the infrastructure and made it easier to get throughout the city.
On Monday, uppal Bhagayath will host the laying of the first stone for the building of these bridges by Municipal Administration and Urban Development minister K.T. Rama Rao. These bridges, which are in line with the SRDP, will not only guarantee a steady flow of traffic but will also make it easier to develop regions on both sides of the river. They will enhance the Musi River's splendour and add to the visual appeal of the city's infrastructure.

Three of these four-lane bridges will be built over Musi and two more will cross the Esa River in a 55 km length from Narsingi to Gowrelli. Under the direction of the hyderabad Metropolitan Development Authority (HMDA), they are anticipated to be completed during the upcoming 15 months. At the Budvel IT Park, there will be two bridges that over the Esa River; the first will be erected at Park One for an estimated cost of Rs. 20 crore, while the second will be built at Park Two for an estimated cost of Rs. 32 crore.

Uppal Bhagayath, Pratapa Singaram, and Manchirevula will all be home to one of the three musi river bridges that have been planned. The uppal bridge, which would cost Rs. 42 crore to build, will be the most expensive; the other two will cost Rs. 35 crore and Rs. 39 crore, respectively. The length of these bridges is predicted to reach 210 metres. The State administration had planned to build a total of 14 bridges over the Musi and Esa rivers after realising the need for better infrastructure. However, the Covid-19 epidemic caused a two-year delay in the project.

The hmda has since laid the framework and performed a study to determine if more bridges across the musi river are necessary, taking into consideration traffic estimates and recent developments. Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) was used to solicit and evaluate bids for the same project.

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