Rahul gandhi has traveled 117 kilometers by train. He traveled from raipur to bilaspur in 2 hours and listened to the problems of passengers in a sleeper coach. congress leader rahul gandhi, who is on a tour of chhattisgarh, traveled by train on Monday. He traveled 117 kilometers from bilaspur to Raipur. Meanwhile he listened to the problems with the passengers. rahul spoke to women hockey players on the train. Also asked in detail about their training and the facilities they are getting. After attending the congress convention in bilaspur, rahul traveled from bilaspur by Intercity Express and asked about the problems of passengers in sleeper coaches. Reached raipur railway station at 6.15 pm. chhattisgarh cm bhupesh baghel and in-charge Kumari Selja were also present in the train. rahul traveled by train like an ordinary passenger, met people and inquired about their problems. rahul gandhi bought chocolates and chips for the students. rahul Gandhi's journey from raipur to bilaspur was decided by train.

The media talked about the hockey players rahul gandhi met on the train and rahul gandhi asked the female player what game do you play? So I will play hockey,” said the player. rahul gandhi asked what position he will play then. He said that he will play in the center position in the hockey field. At the same time, he said that hockey players need a turf ground in Chhattisgarh. Speaking at a meeting held in bilaspur earlier, rahul said that Modi will go on the Adani-Ambani flight, what does this have to do with it? When asked about this relationship, he said that my lok sabha membership was cancelled.

At the airport, I heard in parliament that there was an attempt to benefit adani in the farmers' black law. Under what relationship are these benefits provided? rahul said that the government of india is not run by MLAs and MPs, but by cabinet secretaries and secretaries. There are 90 secretaries who design the scheme. They decide where the money goes. Earlier, mp rahul gandhi and cm bhupesh baghel inaugurated and laid the foundation stones of 414 development works worth Rs 669 crore 69 lakh in the 'Awas Nyaya Sammelna'.

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