The community platform known as the Art-Flow Movement (AFM) is setting the path for group artistic expression in hyderabad by revealing the vivid tapestry of creativity. AFM enables regional artists, authors, singers, filmmakers, art studios, and others to collaborate and channel their abilities into worthwhile efforts through a wide range of community-driven projects.

The group, which was started in august of last year by curator and artist Nickil Snow, works on various art projects that focus on different themes. The platform is currently starting its second project, "Art-Flow Walls 2023," in response to the success of its first initiative, which focused on mental health and was launched in december of last year.

"The platform unites people from diverse origins, experiences, and ages who are passionate about creation and community. Nickil explains why he called it the Art-flow project: "In my opinion, art should have a natural and spontaneous flow, together with a feeling of uniqueness and honesty. The central idea of the "Art-Flow Walls 2023" project is "Embrace Equity". 

Through this effort, AFM hopes to use the transformational power of art to start dialogues about the issues of fairness, inclusion, and social justice. Over the course of 12 weekends, 12 artist teams will work on 12 walls as part of the project, which will take place at diverse Hyderabadi studios, homes, and schools.

"In films, the unfettered flow of art has been compromised. I desired a platform where art could be really expressed. I was a little taken aback by the comments since I had no idea hyderabad had such a wealth of talent, the prospective director continued.

The teams are aggressively seeking approvals to paint the remaining walls in the city even though painting projects have been successfully completed on four of the twelve walls, including those at Alwal's Adika Cafe, Bhavan's Sri ramakrishna Vidyalaya in Sainikpuri, Econest Farmhouse, and Sri Homes Apartment in Kompally.

In addition, after the project's end, most likely in december, an anthology book including the artwork, poetry, and topic discussions will be released, similar to the one that was produced after their previous project.

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