In anticipation of the final immersion of the Ganesh idol, Rachakonda police Commissioner DS Chauhan issued an order prohibiting the sale of alcohol inside the boundaries of the Rachakonda police Commissionerate from 6 a.m. on september 28 to 6 p.m. on september 29. In the order, the commissioner stated that all liquor stores and toddy compounds—with the exception of bars in five-star hotels and licenced clubs—would be shut down.

In preparation for the final immersion of the Ganesh idol on Tuesday, senior authorities including the city police commissioner CV anand undertook a route check. The inspection, which began in Balapur Ganesh and covered a 19 kilometre procession route from Balapur to Hussain Sagar, passed through a number of notable locations en route. Chandrayanagutta, charminar, Nayapool, MJ Market, telugu Talli overpass, Secretariat, and People's Plaza are the principal areas covered.

In especially when the processions intersect at MJ Market, the commissioner urged authorities to cooperate together. The commissioner emphasised the need for visible signage to steer cars carrying the idols in accordance with their height regulations as he examined the main procession roads close to charminar and the telugu Thalli overpass. He also emphasised the need of doing a scientific examination of the route, which included confirming height constraints, locating low-lying wires, and identifying potential roadblocks that would obstruct the procession.

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