Anant Chaturdashi and milad-un-nabi are two significant holidays, and the municipal police are doing everything they can to keep the calm. Security has been increased in hyderabad in order to prevent any unfortunate incidents, preserve peace and tranquilly, and guarantee law and order. Three RAF contingents, 125 platoons, and more than 25,000 more police officers have been sent out in addition to the municipal police.

The police are making their final preparations in order to guarantee the smooth execution of the big event, which is the Ganesh idol procession and immersion, which will take place in only 48 hours. L&O, SB, police Commissioner CV anand conducted a route inspection while being accompanied by heads of traffic, beginning at the well-known Balapur Ganesh temple and covering various major places en route to Tank Bund.

The 19 km inspection path stretched from Balapur to Hussainsagar. Chandrayanagutta, charminar, Nayapul, MJ Market, telugu Talli Flyover, Secretariat, and People's Plaza are among the principal areas covered. The force will consist of 125 platoons and 25,694 police officers, including extra employees from districts and affiliated organisations.

Officers' shift responsibilities have been freshly arranged for at 18 significant intersections, including MJ Market, Afzalgunj, the Ambedkar statue, and ntr Marg. There are five drone team deployments. CCTVs have been installed on all of the main and side roads, and repairs have been made. Several city streets that are used for the parade will either stay blocked or have traffic detours. SHE Teams, dog squads, anti-chain snatching teams, and many Quick Response Teams will also be deployed. Beginning in the early hours of september 28, the combined command and control centre, which includes top officials from all departments including GHMC, HMDA, Transco, water works, RTA, Medical, and Health, will be fully operational.

The commissioner gave the zonal DCPs specific instructions to collaborate during the inspection, especially where the processions congregate at MJ Market. Senior officials were charged with controlling the procession at key intersections and giving vital instructions to subordinates. anand made a point of emphasising the significance of appropriate signage to lead cars carrying idols according to their height standards while checking the main procession roads close to charminar and the telugu Talli Flyover.

At People's Plaza, where top echelons thoroughly assessed logistics and deployment preparations for managing large crowds near Hussainsagar, the thorough inspection came to an end. To ensure that the Ganesh procession and immersion are a memorable and incident-free event, the police have pleaded with the general people to support law enforcement officers and abide by safety regulations.

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