Tripura assembly is contemplating enacting a rule to disallow raising any question on a particular subject, which is three or more years old by any member of the House, Speaker Biswa Bandhu Sen said. parliament too has such a mechanism and the state assembly wants to follow that, Sen said. “Under a rule (of the assembly), one can submit or ask questions on a particular issue, which is even three, four or five years old. Although it was a practice during the Left Front regime not to allow questions on any subject, which is three or more years old, it was not made a rule then.

“Now, we want to bring a bill enacting a rule to not allow any question on a subject which is three years or more old in assembly,” Sen said. The Rules Committee of the assembly headed by the Speaker held a meeting in this regard on friday with representatives of political parties and they wanted to have the practice prevailing in parliament, he said. “We know parliament does not allow questions on a particular subject, which is three years or more old. We will bring details on the issue from the lok sabha secretariat. If our plan is matched with Parliament’s, the government will table a bill seeking not to allow questions on issues which are three years or more old,” he said.

Leader of the Opposition in Tripura assembly, Animesh Debbarma of Tipra Motha said ”Two of our MLAs attended the meeting. They briefed us about the meeting. We strongly oppose the initiative of the Speaker because it will snatch away the right to ask questions on important issues on the grounds of three years or more old.” CPI(M) state secretary Jitendra Choudhury claimed that the Rules committee was divided over the issue.

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