As per report PM Modi accuses Dalit atrocities rampant in rajasthan state congress regime. Voting has been completed in the five state assembly elections namely Chhattisgarh, Mizoram and Madhya Pradesh. elections will be held in rajasthan on 25th and telangana on 30th. In this situation, prime minister Modi, speaking at the rajasthan state election campaign meeting, accused Dalit atrocities in the congress regime in the state. He attacked the congress Party as an anti-Dalit party.

In a bid to appeal to Dalit voters in rajasthan, which has a significant number of reserved constituencies for Scheduled Castes, prime minister Modi cited the BJP's appointment of the first Dalit election Commissioner and the first Dalit President. PM Modi also pointed out BJP's support for the backward community. Blaming rajasthan Chief minister ashok Khelat's government, prime minister Modi said, "Atrocities against Dalits have reached a new high under the congress regime. congress is inherently anti-Dalit.” said.

He pointed to incidents like protests against the appointment of the country's first Dalit Chief Information Commissioner, Hiralal Samaria, and protests against ram Nath Kovind's presidency. Underlining the Congress' continued opposition to Dalit nominations, prime minister Modi criticized the Congress's anti-Dalit stance. Also, prime minister Modi asked the voters to cast their votes, realizing the challenges faced by the bjp in the previous elections.

Prime minister Modi promised speedy completion of the important ERCP project to supply drinking water to 13 towns in eastern Rajasthan. Despite the conflict between the central and state governments, he promised that the bjp would address the delay in this important canal project. prime minister Modi criticized the ashok Khelot government's high VAT on petrol and diesel. As a result, Rajasthan's price has increased by Rs 12 per liter compared to other BJP-ruled states. prime minister Modi promised to review fuel prices if the bjp comes back to power and said, “Petrol is more expensive here than in other states. Because the congress government is looting.” 

“Five years of congress rule were spent running each other. The rest became hit wickets for making false statements on women and other issues. The rest take money and bribes and do match-fixing.” prime minister Modi criticized the congress government for focusing on cricket in line with the cricket World Cup. Speaking at a campaign rally in Nagore, prime minister Modi accused congress leader Mallikarjuna Kharge of disrespecting his late father. Stating that the ashok Khelat-Sachin pilot contest has affected rajasthan, PM Modi said that the people have decided to perform a magic trick to ensure the disappearance of the congress from the state after the declaration of election results on december 3.

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