It is not a new thing for angry leaders to change parties during elections. It is seen in almost every election. On

not getting an election ticket or not getting a ticket from the seat of their choice, the leaders turn to another party

in anger. This trend remained in full swing in chhattisgarh assembly elections also. During this period, rebellion

was seen in both congress and bjp in different assembly constituencies. Now on december 3, the election

results will reveal how much damage these leaders cause.

How many big leaders rebelled?

This time, 9 big leaders rebelled and left their respective parties, including six from congress and three from

BJP. Two leaders from congress joined Janata congress while the remaining four became independent

candidates. At the same time, the three leaders who left bjp became independent candidates this time.

These congress leaders left

As soon as congress announced its candidate in Marwahi. Revolt was seen here. More than half of the leaders

who were contesting against kk Dhruv from Marwahi had resigned and Gulab raj was also involved in this. He

joined Janata congress on whose ticket he contested. Kismat Lal Chand, the sitting mla from Saraipali, left the

party after not getting the ticket and joined Janata Congress. He once again contested elections from this seat.

Antagarh mla Anup Nag and many of his supporters had resigned from Congress. Anup Nag contested the

election as an independent. pradeep Khes from Jashpur also rebelled and decided to contest the elections as an

independent, after which congress expelled him. Like pradeep Khes, meena Sahu also filed her nomination as

an independent candidate in Sanjari Balod, after which the party also showed her the way out.

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