In the Darshi constituency of prakasam district, the political dynamics are shifting as the upcoming elections approach. In the last election cycle, when the YSRCP was facing challenges, Badam Madhava reddy, a businessman from Bengaluru, was entrusted with the responsibility of leading the party's campaign in the Darshi constituency.

Despite initial uncertainties, both Madhava reddy and the party emerged victorious, with Maddishetty securing a significant majority of 40,000 votes. Now, as the elections draw near, discussions among voters in Darshi revolve around the contrast between Maddishetty's courage in contesting despite the party's challenges and the perceived audacity of Boochepalli Venkayamma, the mother of Boochepalli Shivprasad reddy, who is now contesting after gaining confidence as the ZP chairperson. 

There are allegations that the Buchepalli family has marginalized other social groups in the constituency, prompting a sense of resentment among voters. In response, Maddishetty has decided to support Dr Gottipati lakshmi, a candidate from the telugu desam party (TDP), who is contesting with a clean image. 

Many YSRCP members, who have faced insults and marginalization under Buchepalli's leadership, are determined to rally behind lakshmi and defeat Sivaprasad reddy in the upcoming elections. The prevailing sentiment among the YSRCP cadre is one of seeking revenge for the insults they have endured and ensuring that Sivaprasad reddy does not undermine their political standing any further.

The discussions within the YSRCP cadre indicate a strategic shift towards supporting lakshmi and defeating Sivaprasad reddy, regardless of the potential political implications for Maddishetty. This reflects a broader desire among the constituency's voters to assert their influence and hold accountable those who have disregarded their interests.

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