It is known that Bastipati Nagaraju is contesting from tdp in lok sabha constituency of kurnool district. While BY Ramaiah is contesting from ycp, the results of the survey reveal that ycp will win in kurnool lok sabha constituency. But Nagaraju is confident that the tdp flag will fly in the kurnool lok sabha constituency and he will definitely win as an MP.
After working as a chemistry lecturer, Nagaraju chose the field of politics in later days. He said that he started his political career as MPTC and succeeded despite all the obstacles faced by the ruling party. Nagaraju, who belongs to the Kuruva community, has pinned his hopes on the voters of the Kuruva and Yadava communities. There are about 2 lakh Kuruv and Yadava voters in kurnool district.
Biy Ramaiah, who is contesting from ycp, belongs to the Valmiki community and since there are 5 lakh Valmiki voters in the kurnool lok sabha constituency, the ycp is confident that it will easily win the kurnool MP seat. Bastipati Nagaraju is locally known as Panchalingala Nagaraju. It is said that Nagaraju, who has grown step by step, will lead kurnool on the path of development if he wins as MP.
As new people are contesting from the kurnool lok sabha constituency, the discussion about who will show power is going on. It has to be seen whether Nagaraju, who is a farmer's son, will win the hearts of the voters while making comments that he entered politics with the quality of service. Nagaraju, who has been an activist in tdp since 2000, believes that he will have the support of BCs. It remains to be seen whether Nagaraju will fulfill Chandrababu's belief that tdp will get its former glory in Kurnool.

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