Pak-American Bizman Endorses PM Modi...

Prime minister Narendra Modi is a strong leader who has taken india to new heights and he will return as the country’s PM for a third term, a prominent Pakistani-American businessman has said. Baltimore-based Pakistani American businessman Sajid Tarar said Modi is not only good for india but for the region and the world and hoped that pakistan too gets a leader like him. “Modi is a remarkable leader. He’s a natural-born leader. He is the one prime minister who has visited pakistan in adverse circumstances and risked his political capital. I’m expecting that Modi ji will start dialogue and trade with pakistan,” Tarar told PTI.

“A peaceful pakistan is good for india as well. It is written everywhere that Modi ji will be the next prime minister of india,” Tarar said in response to a question. Tarar moved to the US in the 1990s and is well-connected with the ruling Pakistani establishment. “It is nothing but a miracle that 97 crore people in india are exercising their franchise. india is the biggest and largest democracy. I’m seeing the popularity of Modi ji up there and the rise of india in 2024 is amazing. It’s a story to be told. You will see it in the future that people will learn from indian democracy,” Tarar said.

Responding to a question, Tarar said pakistan is going through an economic crisis which has resulted in social unrest in many parts of the country including Pakistan-occupied kashmir (PoK). “Pakistan is going through an economic crisis. Inflation is high. petrol prices are high. The IMF wants to increase taxes. electricity costs have gone up. We are not able to export,” he said. The protest in PoK is mainly due to the increase in electricity bills, he said. He questioned the decision of the Pakistani prime minister to give financial aid to the people of PoK.

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