The ycp party is strongly saying that it will come to power for the second time in the state of Andhra Pradesh. Jaganmohan reddy has already clarified the same thing after the election. jagan Mohan reddy revealed that they are fighting harder than the 2019 assembly elections... more than 150 seats will be won. Later, jagan went to London. With this, ycp party ranks and leaders are seen in full vigor. ycp leaders are saying that they are going to win again in ap because jagan said it.

However, information is received that the ycp party has taken another important decision to strengthen this. The same is the matter of ycp party office shifting. ycp state office will be shifted to Visakhapatnam very soon. Now ycp state office shift topic is running as a hot topic in andhra pradesh state politics. jagan Mohan reddy has already said that if the ycp party comes to power for the second time, he will take oath at Visakhapatnam. Jaganmohan reddy said in every assembly that he will stay in Visakhapatnam and continue to rule.

According to this... Jaganmohan reddy is thinking of shifting ycp party headquarters after June. Jaganmohan reddy wants to carry out party related activities from Visakha... after coming to power... government activities from Visakha. Another news related to this has gone viral on social media.

The ycp party, which took two acres of land in the suburbs of Visakhapatnam a year ago, has taken up the construction of the state office there. And... the construction of that office is almost complete. This office was built with about 13 thousand square feet. The G Plus building is being built very nicely with white blue green colors. Jaganmohan Reddy's chamber is planned to be on the first floor. And in the background of the completion of this office... it is rumored that the central office of ycp will be shifted to Visakhapatnam in the month of June. Jagan's family will also shift to Visakhapatnam.

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