Achenna: Go with yellow bills, the authorities will respect you? 

After the formation of the telugu Desam Kutami government in AP... Ministers and tdp workers are getting agitated. Especially home minister Anitha, Achchennaidu...police and ycp party leaders are being warned. At this very moment. andhra pradesh State Agriculture minister Achchennaidu made sensational comments. tdp workers going to MMARO and district government offices...have been asked to wear yellow bills. It is said that if you wear yellow bills, you will be given a team, tiffin and more officers will work.

He commented that if the government officials do not do that... they will see their end. With this, the comments made by minister Achchennaidu are creating a ruckus in ap politics. minister Achchennaidu made these comments in the srikakulam district.
The party has faced many difficulties and ups and downs... it has spent sleepless nights. minister Achchennaidu said that the tdp leaders who won four or five times as MLAs in the ycp government could not speak.

Now our government has come... they will not do injustice to the activists. Carry yellow bills and go... Officials have announced that they will give orders in a way that works. andhra pradesh State Agriculture minister Achchennaidu, who said that he is ready to sacrifice his life for Chandrababu, praised him for giving two positions to his family. He explained that Chandrababu gave the post with a belief. It has been revealed that if Achchennaidu gives a word, he will not break his word.
He said that during the ycp government, the development was destroyed... srikakulam district will be developed. He said that I was very lucky, Babu recognized my ability and gave me important branches. I have become an mla six times...I have declared that I am dedicating my life to srikakulam district, tdp and Chandrababu's family. minister Achchennaidu revealed that he will develop ap in his government.

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