Jagan needs to change in these aspects..!?

* Is Jagan's decision right in the matter of assembly meetings?
*  There is a gap between people and Jagan.
* Will there be a chance of benefits for jagan if he does the padayatra again?

On the second day of the ap assembly meetings, YCP's Dumma is becoming a hot topic on social media. Comments are heard that this decision taken by jagan is not justified at all. On the other hand, criticism is being expressed on the demolitions being done as a target of YCP. jagan tweeted about the injustice being done to him and his party on social media and that tweet went viral. However, instead of questioning with tweets on social media, comments are being heard from ycp fans that jagan can show dots to tdp and Jana Sena leaders by attending assembly meetings. On the side of justice, there will be the support of the people. Neither Chandrababu nor jagan are above that. There are no pictures as ycp fans want.
Before 2019, the fans wanted jagan, who was the reason for YSP's victory in the irrevocable positions by getting popular with the people. The fans of the party are hoping that jagan will stand by the workers and fans and support them even in difficulties. It can be said that if jagan does politics like before, there will be a chance to get closer to those who voted against him.

Opinions are being expressed that there is a gap between people and jagan and it would have been better if jagan had taken steps to reduce that gap. It is noteworthy that opinions are being expressed that if jagan takes steps towards padayatra, if not now, but after another two years, there will be chances to achieve the desired goals. It remains to be seen how Jagan's plans and strategies are going to be. If ap wins the trust of the people then ycp will get power again in the future.

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