Modi-Putin meeting: Talks on many issues...

India's strategic partnership with russia is at saturation level. In this visit, military and trade issues will be discussed between the two countries. In which india can talk about the supply of S-400 missile defense system as soon as possible. banking challenges have increased due to sanctions by europe and America on Russia. Which it wants to solve through India. On the other hand, india needs to enter into a long term contract of oil and NNG with russia to meet its increasing energy needs. Apart from this, talks can also be held on building the international North-South Transport Corridor, Chennai-Vladivostok Maritime Route and North sea Corridor.

Prime minister Narendra Modi also addressed the NRIs in russia before the start of the 22nd India-Russia Summit. In this address, the prime minister said about India-Russia relations that India-Russia relations have always been in 'plus', even if the temperature here reaches 'negative'. The prime minister further said that India-Russia relations are based on mutual trust. This shows that the relations between india and russia are not only based on realistic ideas in which more is said about hard power like military relations, but also on 'soft power'.

The scene will change on the global stage!

The Prime Minister's visit to russia is not only beneficial for both the countries in terms of trade, military and political aspects, but is also in favor of both the countries in cultural, practical and community terms. The efforts being made by europe and America to isolate Putin after the sanctions have been given a big blow by this visit. India is moving towards maintaining long-term relations with russia and strengthening Western security relations. In such a situation, Western countries are looking at the Prime Minister's visit to russia with envy. india, under the leadership of prime minister Modi, has so far been able to mold its relations according to national interests. With russia and india openly supporting each other, many equations of the global stage and politics will definitely be topsy-turvy.

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