Best captain in IPL history..!? Not Dhoni..!?

The IPL has been running for 15 years and is currently in its 16th season. In this, many players have entered the field normally and then reached their peak. Among them, rohit sharma holds an important place. rohit sharma, who won the award of the best-emerging player in the season of 2009, has also received the honor of being the best captain. In this situation, we can now see the achievements of rohit sharma as captain in the IPL series. rohit sharma has won the IPL series five times as captain.
This is seen as the highest achievement. Similarly, rohit sharma has the honor of being the player with the most sixes in the IPL series, the player who has won the most man of the match award in the IPL series, the indian player who has scored the most times in the team, the player who has won the IPL trophy at the youngest age, and the only captain who has won the man of the match award in the IPL final. rohit sharma also holds the distinction of being the only player to take a century and a hat-trick in a single match in the IPL. Similarly, he is the only captain to score two fifties in the IPL finals, the player with the highest win percentage in the playoff series, the only captain with consecutive wins against CSK, the only captain with more than 50 percent win percentage against all teams, the highest scorer in the first match of the IPL history, IPL rohit sharma holds many records as the only player to win the trophy in three different countries.Rohit Sharma has captained 20 matches against dhoni and has won 12 and lost eight. Similarly, rohit sharma has 10 wins and 6 losses against virat kohli and 8 wins and 4 losses against Gambhir. rohit sharma has a record of 5 wins and 4 losses against Warner, 4 wins and 4 losses against shreyas iyer as captain and 3 wins and 2 losses against Raina as captain.

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